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Estiko Experience is a new trademark that includes all the hospitality companies under Estiko Group: hotels Dorpat 3*, Lydia 4*, restaurant Hõlm, Herb Spa, Kammivabriku Event Centre, Tartu Car Museum, riverboat Pegasus ja Greete Motel Valgamaal.

We truly believe that authentic experiences bring us joy and as we all know - shared joy is a double joy. That's why we welcome you with open hands and make sure your vacation with us is memorable and full of positive emotions. We sincerely hope you'll find time to visit us and with any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Let's make your dreams come true!

Angela Järg

Estiko Experience Sales and Marketing Manager

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In March 2024, there will be the launch of Estiko Experience new website. Until then, please let us introduce you our hospitality companies below.

Kammivabrik Event Centre

Kammivabrik (The Comb Factory) in Tartu has a unique historic background and a special kind of interior. It is perfect for organizing bigger events like fairs, concerts and other performances. There are two unique buildings: the club hall which used to be a well-known dance nights' venue and a 1900m² factory building with authentic and rustic interior to host all kinds of events.

Car Museum

You'll also find a grand car museum worth visiting at every age. The 200-piece-collection consists of different military vehicles, old Soviet cars and all kinds of bikes/motorcycles.


Hotel Lydia

Hotel Lydia, which blends the atmosphere of the Old Town with architecture that is every inch contemporary, welcomes guests on the slope of Toomemägi Hill just behind Tartu’s Town Hall Square. Hotel Lydia is a 4 star superior hotel in Tartu that has 70 rooms, a spa-lounge offering a variety of saunas and other relaxation options, a fitness club, the Hõlm restaurant and an event centre with cutting-edge sound, lighting and video solutions.

In 2023, Lydia became the first hotel in Tartu to be recognized with the Green Key award. Green Key is a leading international eco-label awarded to accommodations that commit to sustainable business practices.

Event Centre

The event centre of Hotel Lydia is an excellent place for anniversaries, seminars, receptions or conferences. The theatre-style event centre has room for 180 people, a diverse room layout, and an elegant and eye- catching interior design, and it is equipped with state-of-the-art audio, light and video solutions.

The event centre rental price includes projection equipment with digital display wall, sound equipment, rostrum, 2 hand microphones, 2 main microphones and lighting control system. Catering is provided by Restaurant Hõlm.


Restaurant Hõlm

Hõlm is a restaurant that belongs to the best restaurants in the Baltic and Nordic region according to the gastronomical guide White Guide Baltics and is recommended by MICHELIN Guide 2022 and 2023. It is a place where everyone feels welcome. Its kitchen, led by head chef Sven Pärn, creates unforgettable dining experiences in which every detail is carefully considered, painstakingly prepared and lovingly presented.

What makes the restaurant special is the fact that its kitchen is completely open, creating a direct link with diners and allowing them to enjoy the art of cooking first-hand. The restaurant uses exciting techniques in preparing its dishes in which quality, simplicity and the purity of the ingredients all play an important role. It also surprises for its recipes, which come from a cookbook written by Lydia Grünmann Holm in 1925-26. This is where the restaurant gets its name Hõlm.


Harald Mattias White Hall

Historical and stately furnished hall is suitable for smaller events. The private hall can seat up to 22 people for dinners, meetings, events or coffee breaks. The room is equipped with touch screen TV and event catering is offered by restaurant Hõlm.


Hotel Dorpat & riverboat Pegasus

The historical name Dorpat covers Tartu s largest hotel with 197 rooms as well as a spacious a la carte restaurant & relaxing Herb Spa. Its contemporary design, friendly service and attractive location make Dorpat a desired destination for guests from near and far. Many rooms enjoy views over the city or the Emajõgi river scenes of Tartu you ll never forget!

In the summertime, it's recommended to enjoy a boat trip on the river Emajõgi. The starting point for the tours is next to Dorpat hotel, riverboat Pegasus can accommodate up to 75 passengers and scheduled tours are about 1,5 hours long. Snacks and drinks are available in the cafe aboard.


Herb Spa

At the coast of beautiful Emajõgi and under the chestnut trees, Herb Spa in Tartu offers worthy peace and privacy. Our carefully selected rituals help you to relax and find balance. In the spa, ancient traditions, modern wisdom and dignified service are in harmony.


Greete Motel

Greete Motel operates in the biggest and most unique log house in Estonia that has no square rooms from air, the building looks like a honeycomb. The strong supporting beam that runs through the motel was cut from a 230-year old pine. The motel is about a 45-minute-drive away from Tartu.

Guests can relax in a jacuzzi, enjoy a wooden sauna, barbecue, fish, and hire a boat to discover River Väike-Emajõgi. There is also a tennis court and a volleyball court. The area is perfect for hiking and cycling.

In addition to historic sights, the area is perfect for adventurers. About 300 meters away you'll find the beautiful Kada lake, which is suitable for swimming, fishing, boat rides and even skating in the crisp winter days. Also a car ride away is Kuutsemägi, a ski resort which slopes offer enjoyment for athletes and a possibility to improve one's skills for beginners.